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What is Superannuation?

When you work in Australia and earn over $450 in a month, your employer is legally required to pay 9 - 9.5% of your earnings into a Superannuation fund. This is like a savings scheme or pension plan for people in Australia, and is paid to everyone, regardless of what visa you may be on, or where you are from.

When you leave Australia, you are entitled to claim your superannuation refund, and get some of this money back. This is in addition to your tax refund, so more money in your pocket!

It’s much easier to use Taxback Australia for your Super Refund, especially if you have already applied with us for your tax refund. We will already have most of the information we need in order to start the process, and may even know who your Super Funds are already if you’re not sure. Claiming back your Super yourself can be a long and difficult task, particularly as you must have already left Australia in order to claim it. Taxback Australia will take the hassle out of this, and pay to your overseas bank account directly for you.

Super Refunds – The Taxback Australia Difference.

  • Easy Application Process - Apply now online
  • Don’t know who your fund is? – We can find out for you.
  • Low Flat fee. NEVER any Percentage charges.
  • Personal Service – Call or e-mail our Super Team for information, or for a personal update on the progress of your refund.
  • Experience & Knowledge - We have built up good relationships with Super Funds across Australia to ensure our applications get processed quickly.
  • Same day payments. – We will transfer your money to you the same day we receive in your refund.
  • No Bank Fees to pay to any bank account, Australian or Overseas.

Am I eligible?

You must be leaving Australia, and not returning for at least 12 weeks to claim back your Super. If you have earned under $11,500, we cannot unfortunately claim your refund for you. This is because we never want to charge more in a fee than what you would receive in a refund. (Your super is taxed on payment and withdrawal)


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